Click on the link below to see us performing at Thomas Sweet in Princeton
Daisy Jane
I Need You

Original Songs-Audio Files
Ordinary Man
Tell You Things
Something Somewhere
Nothing Without You
Spend Some Time
Stephanie’s Song
Sound of My Heart
Back to You
No One’s to Blame
Ordinary Man
Don’t Go

Absolutely Anything
I Get Up
What I’m Talking About
No Escape
Stop the Fight
Count On You
Inside of Me
All of My Life
The Beast

Disappointed Again
Fall Apart
Harder They Fall
I Know
I’m Coming Back
In My Heart
Just Begun
Just Go On
See It In Your Eyes
You Ought to Know

3 thoughts on “Music

  1. Are you available to play Saturday, 10/25 in Hopewell for a Halloween barn party? We’ve loved you at Thomas Sweets!!

    Please reply ASAP. Thanks very much.

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